Not just a brand,
but a inspiration.

My name is Kia, and I am the CEO of KishCupsNThings LLC. My husband Mr. Kish is my visionary graphic designer and part owner of Kish. Without him I would not have been able to make this vision come to life.

KCNT was established in 2020 during the pandemic crisis. I was bored at home like the rest of the world, I decided to start crafting again.

Years prior I used Youtube to teach me to sew. I then started making clothes for my toddler daughter, which quickly turned into a custom boutique business. I did great but needed to return to the work field once my daughter became school age. I lost my love for crafting because I no longer had the time.

Fast forward to 2020

I started making face masks for family and friends. I then fell back in-love with crafting, after years of (Just Working) a 9-5.

I realized after taking on some custom orders for bling and resin tumblers, that this is what I want to do for work. I also knew, I wanted this to be bigger than me.

I researched and prayed for about a year, before I decided to become a vendor. Becoming a vendor means more than money to me. It is a way for me to help others getting started in the craft world.

In 2021 Jan 29th, KishCupsNThings was ready for business with just 20 glitter options. We now have over 100. My first year in business kind of blewup faster than expected. So I was not fully prepared for the direction God was taking me. But after a couple months of down time into 2022. Ive corrected some mistakes and we are finally ready to see where God is taking us.

If you dont know by now, we are a Christian based business. So we try to represent our lord and Savior with biblical values. We love everyone no matter the beliefs, but there are certain things we cannot sell in our shop. But if you are looking for specific item I know of some amazing shops that caterings towards your needs.I thank God for the people I have met in this business. Some bad but over all nice and honest people. I have huge goals for Kish and I am so happy you are here to witness God on an amazing journey.